Thursday, August 14, 2014

STITCHES Midwest 2014 ~ Schaumburg, Illinois

This will be a picture essay of my adventure for those of you not on my friendslist in Facebook and have seen it all already. If you are, you will find this all old news.

Betsy, the delivery truck that Ron and Teresa
 of Buffalo Wool Company drove from Texas,
was ON THE FLOOR! This was the second
STITCHES Event that she was in the Market,
the first at South in April. You can visit the
website at 
Kristin Omdahl has put her drawing talent to fabric and
Erin Lane Bags will be putting her art to their bags! Pre-orders
are now being accepted at and you
can find Kristin Omdahl's designs and wonderful new yarn
Bamboo So Fine

This is the beginning of my pictures featuring the view
of where I spent the most of my time. From my post, it was
easy to see that the Verdant Gryphon was a very popular vendor.

One person who I had not had an opportunity
to meet before now is Anna Zillborg. I have a
copy of her wonderful book, Magnificient
Mittens and Socks
 and this sweater was
very beautiful as well, but not as precious to
me as getting a picture of her ready smile.
I had met Rick Mondragon at STITCHES West but not to
spend much time with. I had an opportunity to spend
enough time with him at STITCHES Midwest to better
a particularly favorite knitting skill.
More on that with a later picture.
In front of the Market, was a brand new sign,
promoting the Fiber Hooligan Podcast. You know,
the one I'm on the end of? You can hear it at iTunes:

There were two racks display samples:
This one shows off the pieces in the next
issue of Knitters Magazine (the Fall 2014)
This piece up front is designed by
Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton, I was so
proud of myself to recognize it right off.
On the other side of our booth, the rack shows
pieces featured in the two most recent books.
The end closest to us are from Myra Wood's
book, Knit in New Directions which was
presented at STITCHES West, last spring.
On the far end, the pieces from the upcoming
book, Weave Knit Wear by Judith Shangold.
Both are published by XRX and available through
their website:
Elaine Rowley is another who I had not met
before this event. She is often introduced as
the "R" in XRX, one of it's three founders.
When I asked her if I could take a 'selfie'
with her, rather than tell me no, as I'm sure
she would have preferred, she made me
laugh so hard I messed up my shot.
I still love it though, so I'm sharing it.

At about this point I was hoping to add a picture of myself with Franklin Habit. This was the first time I met him, but my phone had died and I was saving my opportunity for a picture. However, Benjamin Levisay invited me up to meet him and asked for a picture to be taken, which I have not found posted yet.  I plan to update this when it is... 

Marly Bird, on the other hand is a PRO at taking selfies.
I am her social media helper. She was teaching at this
event, but she is super busy with a podcast of TWO
episodes a week and designing. JUST TRY and keep up
with her at her website.

Part of the events for me was the Podcaster meet-up. I made
an effort to listen to all the programs that said they would be
there, but Paula of the Knitting Pipeline was the only one I
had ever heard before I saw her statement that she would be
there. Find her program: 

I had a little bit of a panic when I considered
trying to get all of this home. I ended up
checking a bag and carrying all of this of
this on the plane. My current work-in-progress
is at the top of this shot....
This is the same work in progress. I received
some very helpful advice from Rick Mondragon
about knitting backwards, left to right rather
than right to left. Saves having to flip a large
project around every few stitches!
Marly and I again, this time at her Pajama Party which takes
on Friday nights after the Fashion Show and Banquet.
Makes for a long day, so I was a bit.... erm.... evil?

This is most of what I came home with. From Top Right: From Namaste, Inc. ( I purchased the Oh, Snap! bags to benefit Halos of Hope ( and Kelly gave me the shirt (really worked out well because I ended up wearing it when my plane was delayed getting home), a skein of Heaven from Buffalo Wool Co (, a iron-on transfer of rhinestones that says 'Knit Happens' (looking up the link...), from Veronica Van of Dream in Color, a Herdy coffee mug and key rings. ( NOTE: I meant to come home with a kit for the Chelsea's Cowl which is made with Dream in Color Jilly, but was waiting on something else that never happened, so will be ordering online or picking it up at Stitches East. Fiesta yarns ( I purchased the yarn and pattern for a sweater that I have been admiring forever, Heavensent Cardigan. Book Artful Colors Mindful Knits by Laura Bryant, published by XRX (this was badly damaged, I rescued it. Not as nice as the one in the library, but I can write notes in it!)  There is the Marly Bird project bag from Erin Lane Bags ( and a Franklin Habit print (sold through Miss Babs in the center of the picture. Most of what's across the bottom of the image had actually been given to Marly as part of her teacher bag and she regifted what she couldn't use to me. Includes needles and notions, Cascade Yarns Longwood and Schaefer (?) yarns Extra Merino Premium.

This event was put together by the hardworking folks at XRX publishing who create The Knitting Universe Magazine. Their website about their events, magazines, books and the Fiber Hooligan podcast is: