Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dori, March 2011

I wanted to write about Dori's progress in March, because that was the two year anniversary of the Humane Society rescuing her. But I realized I don't have much to say. She's made progress since then, little by little, and I haven't really anything to add to what I've already posted. So, here's a picture of her on our new sofa. I took this while Daddy was talking to her, I thought she looked so pretty.

If you ever wondered about our other dog, Maggie, yes she's around and spunky. She just hates it whenever we pick up the camera, so the majority of the pictures we get of her are of her behind! In fact, just at this moment, I picked up the camera to take the disc out to download this picture of Dori, and Maggie's high-tailed it out of here, upstairs, to go back to bed. One of the old 'Tarzan' movies is on the TV and Dori's trying to figure out why that box in the middle of the room keeps screaming....

Anyway, the sun is out, hope April means spring is on the way.