Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Book Review, Designer Crochet and Crochet So Lovely

Today, I'm reviewing Designer Crochet: 52 Patterns to Elevate Your Style, Sizes Small to 5X by Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby with photography and illustrations by Jason Mullett-Bowlsby, together they are Shibaguyz Designs, and Crochet So Lovely, by Kristin Omdahl of Styled by Kristin.

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Book Review, Splendid Apparel by Anna Zilboorg

Thank you for accepting my invitation to view this new post.

Today, I have a brief Book Review of Splendid Apparel: A Handbook of Embroidered Knits, by Anna Zilboorg, published by XRX books as of May 1st, according to Amazon.

Here is a picture of myself with Anna Zilboorg and her daughter at Stitches West 2015 where we were all so excited about the book, we sold out of all the copies the first day.

As a after thought note, I am seriously considering taking Marly Bird's pattern Simona (link from Ravelry pattern store) and applying Anna's techniques, so stay tuned!

You can find me in Ravelry as wearingpurple, in Twitter as wearingpurple1 and I have a public group in Facebook called Pursuit of Happy Knits

Friday, May 1, 2015

Podcast recently heard.

There are three types of entertainment on the internet for knitters: blogs like mine and podcasts of the audio kind and video.

A lot of blogs and podcasts are a way for an opinionated knitter to voice their opinions. Saying that, I'm not saying its a negative thing as we sometimes think opinions are, but a way of posting the things learned with anecdotal experience. NONE of this is, as with most of what's on the internet, is scientific proof. There are no absolute truths in blog posts or podcasts except that these are the things we have learned and the desire to share.

I listen to a LOT of podcasts while I'm working in the office. I often compare them to having a knitting radio station to listen to or a channel on tv to watch. I recently purchased an iPad and went through iTunes subscribing to every knitting/fiber podcast I can find, I think there are about 80 subscribed to right now. Here is a list of what I've been listening to lately. (Links are provided to those I can find, for the specific episode I heard and any memorable notes.)
At this point in the list, I want to mention that I am a faithful listener to the following (including because I've listened to recent episodes):
Also have to say, Yarn Thing with Marly Bird, for which I am Social Media assistant. Airs twice weekly, airs LIVE originally, unique that way and because it's not about her and what she's working on, but invites a guest. There's been a couple of occasions lately that I've been on the program to help out....

So, a few notes about listening/watching podcasts in general FOR ME! 

From what I've been hearing, people have been saying they download the podcasts and listen while walking the dogs or jogging. It wasn't until just recently that I used a device (laptop or iPad) with hearing attachment, I've had earbuds from an old Kindle that I wasn't using, and a gamers headset from recording Fiber Hooligans (had a microphone). I picked them up recently because there is construction going on across the street, and have found that the constant pounding and beeping of the backing up construction vehicles are comfortably drowned out.

Which changes everything. Without earphones or earbuds, some of the podcasts are very hard to hear through the laptop speakers and impossible with the iPad. I tried to listen to a pair of ladies on a podcast not listed here, the one was not sitting up to the microphone even with my earphones on, I couldn't hear her and lost interest in their conversation, did not finish the one episode. 

This list has changed a lot since the last one I've posted. Some of those podcasts are now defunct, some for good reasons like constant bullying or just a change in a path made in the lives the podcasters and they've decided to move on. My tastes are changing, too. You'll see in this list there are a LOT of video podcasts now where, for a while, I'd completely given them up, because I don't WATCH and there was consistent difficulty loading. I've noticed there are some I don't have to watch to get, so I'm picking them back up again. Some are such quality, I've no interest in and maybe I won't ever pick them back up. I know I'm getting that way about a lot of the current ones I hear. I find I am losing interest in the solo ones who focus on what they are doing only, don't share what they are finding or reading.

Some of the podcasts that I'm following I think have these qualities that keep me coming back and probably will NEVER be dropped from my subscription list:

  1. They've continued to pursue better sound quality, whether simply wearing a microphone on or near their mouth or sitting up to the one on the computer, perhaps investing in better equipment. 
  2. Usually a duo, easier to follow a conversation. Some of these are over an hour long, maybe 90 minutes, pair (or more) of people speaking keeps my attention.
  3. Talk about other things beside what's in their hands (as I said earlier), interviews or has a guest on, shares books or what they've heard elsewhere. MANY podcasters share what they've heard on other podcasts, so the list is ever changing of who you find to listen too.
The really, truly generous podcaster also shares other podcasts they listen to. The Knitmore Girls recently mentioned Revenge of the Knits, Knitting Butterfly and Down Cellar Studios, Prairie Girls Knit and Spin mentioned Suburban Stitcher, Stockinette Zombies mentioned Marly Bird (OK, not for the Yarn Thing podcast but for her designs they'd picked up from Bijou Basin Ranch) and Curious Handmade crossed the pond for the Knitting Pipeline Georgia Retreat and created a special episode with sound bites of the group sing-a-longs... My point is you'll constantly find MORE podcasts to listen to or watch.
I usually posts what I've been listening to in my Facebook Group, PURSUIT OF HAPPY KNITS. I try to think of that group as a place to find the comical and otherwise entertaining side of fiber. If that sounds like fun, it is a public group, you can request to be included. I do try to confirm that you are interested in fiber by your public profile, just a side note, if you're not approved right away, you can private message me. (I've had a few spam accounts requesting to be included, trying to avoid issues.)