Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Madsen Originals

In early August I finished a shawl made of Madsen Originals Sock Sparkle Yarn.  This was hand-dyed yarn by Priscilla, who I see at knit nights.  I asked and was allowed to observe her dye process, because I've never seen it done.
Priscilla uses an acid dye, which seems to
 create colors she more consistently happy with.    
She prepares the blanks of superwash
 merino that she buys wholesale.
These are the first of the blanks and a
 variegated she is going to overdye.

Missed the shot where this batch was in the acid dye and vinegar, but here they are in a kettle to steam set.  She did several batches, so what I missed you still will get.

Color set, rinse.

This blank was superwash and nylon (sock yarn) and the nylon 
gave the initial buff dye a greenish tint. 

I liked the rose and hunter green this skein had, but she
over-dyed the next day and sold it instantly.

I loved this one and was trying
to get the sparkles, which
 wouldn't turn out with my camera.
So she loaned me hers,
 can you seen them?

She placed them in the clothes dryer for a few minutes and then, laid them on a clothes rack to air dry.

Priscilla told us previously to this that she tries to make her product unique.  When she does her dyeing, she will do four blanks, two superwash merinos and two sock yarns of each colorway.  She also does some special orders and is currently busy with sewing needles cases for your double pointed needles, circulars and interchangeables. She posts things for sale in her etsy shop:  http://www.etsy.com/people/MadsenOriginals