Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rose City Yarn Crawl 2013

This year I have two patterns being featured in the Yarn Crawl, happening in Portland beginning February 28th and lasting until March 3rd or until all participants fall down.  Knowing the fiber craftiness of that community, they will have to kick everyone out of the shops at the end because they have more go-get-'em-ness there than the Energizer Bunny.  

The theme of this year's event are the many bridges in the area.  The two patterns are featured by two different shops, that are across the Oregon City Bridge from each other.  The bridge has just reopened after extensive repair work, but the story with these patterns was to focus on the original opening of the bridge which featured a wedding of the groom from one side and the bride from the other, which occured in the 1920's.

Wool-N-Wares asked for vintage hat wareThe Oregon City Arch Cloche starts with the hatband braid, then worked in a texture for crown, then brim which was edged in i-chord for a finished tailored look.      

The Blushing Bride Fingerless Mitts being offered by Wynona Studios features the same braid band around the wrist with a faux Lily-of-the-Valley lace for the back of the hand and Diamond lace cuffs.

Both of these patterns, and crochet patterns for a gentlemanly Fedora (but who doesn't look stunning in a Fedora?) and spats to dance in the Oregon rain with stylish grace, are available at these shops during the event.  Later on, they will be available in a book with all the patterns from the shops participatingWatch their website for that, or get the book for the 2012 pattern collection:

That 2012 book includes my Dalia Bag.  

In the meantime, I wish to thank all those who have been supportive of my little designs.  The cloche was promoted on Facebook last week and the fingerless gloves just a couple of days ago as previews for the event ~ and I've been overwhelmed with the positive feedback.  I've also watched my other patterns grow in appreciation, which makes me think of many projects I would like to share.  Which reminds me to get busy, and back to work.

Happy Knitting!