Thursday, November 21, 2013

PODCASTS, of the fiber sort

There's some great fiber podcasts out there.

A podcast is like a radio or television show, except it's online.  All are archived and some are originally aired live, that means you can listen in your own schedule.  Many people download the individual program and listen while doing something else, like jogging or commuting.  So I hear.

I listen during the slow days in the office.  I've been listening at night a lot because I'm working on a sweater and I'm in the slow part... It's top down, this is the part between the body/sleeve separation and the hem of the body.

So, here is a rundown of what I've heard this week (all had recent episodes within the last week):



  • I started the day listening to an archived episode of Yarn Thing, because it featured a book I just brought home from the library.... I listened to it this week, so I'm counting it in this list.
  • Savvy Girls ( Audio podcast from the Savvy Sisters (real-life), one who lives in Edmonton, Canada and one in New York. This week is the first time I've listened...
  • Knitting Samurai Plus One ( is video, from New Hampshire.  Another new one for me.
  • Double Knit ( is audio, from Seattle, Washington.  New to me, too.
  • Knitabulls ( is video, from Colorado. (I've been watching Diane's program for a couple of months, love, Love, LOVE her dog, Bella.)
  • Yarn Thing.  She has been doing a program twice a week lately, which is not her normal, but I've been enjoying it that often as well....
  • KnitMore Girls ( audio, mother and daughter program from San Jose, CA.  This week, they mentioned a BUNCH of podcasts they listen, so I have more to find. If you want to find the list, look for the episode posted 11/20/13.
  • WEBS (aka Steve and Kathy Elkins has a very informative podcast also ( audio, which began as an actual radio program
  • Twinset ( Twins, Ellen and Jan, live in Minnesota and Pennsylvania. New to me...
  • Geeky Girls ( video Mother CC and 13-year-old daughter Damaris, from Scotland! Also new to me, love Damaris' mad knitting skills.  She recently finished a sweater, I think that's how I heard about them...
Fridays I look forward to:

  • Craftlit ( audio, is one of my favorite podcasts, I really look forward to it all week.  Heather Ordover puts this together in Virginia, discusses crafty things and each week reads a chapter from a classic book.  Most of the books in her archive (which I recommend doing) I've read, but never took a lit class, she used to teach literature to high school students, so, you can imagine I'm learning a lot.
Some others I like:
  • 2 Knit Lit Chicks ( is audio, mother and daughter podcast also Northern Californina (separate cities).  I've listened for a few months to the ladies, because they talk about my two favorite topics, knitting and book.
  • Knitting Pipeline ( is audio from Washington, Illinois.  She has posted updates as blogposts to keep everyone informed of her situation, not podcast postings, as there's been a tornado in her area.
  • There's a brand-new video podcast from Germany, featuring a pair of knitters (one from the UK and one from US) but for some reason, the program doesn't play on my laptop computer set up, perhaps on everyone smart phones and tablets it will play better. They contacted me on Ravelry: ( This is the link, I hope you like it, I'm sad about not getting it, because I loved their voices... 
  • It Take Balls to Knit ( is a subscription video SHOW which Steve Malcolm of Vancouver, Canada, has branched off from his own blog.  He's featuring a knit school for learning techniques, and then exploring lots other topics in fiber.  
NOTE:  I think the reason I've listened to so many of these is because they are all posting right before Thanksgiving week. 

All of these programs, being fiber related, have groups on Ravelry.  In fact, Ravelry has a list of active and inactive podcasts.  Unfortunately, they haven't updated the list since 2011.  You can do a search in Groups and type Podcast and come up with a list of hundreds.  I've resorted that for the most members to find some of the ones listed here.

Many of the programs have prizes by various means, either live during the live programs, through their Ravelry groups or on their own website comments areas.  Most of the programs review books (knitting and otherwise), some chat fiber stuff, programs on television or popular things online.