Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So, this last Sunday, we went and tried out a new dog park. Well, new to us. We found it online, searching for dog parks in our area. It was actually closer to us than we'd thought, so we may go back again.This is a great shot of the amenities offered here for the dogs. The double gate system or staging gate system. I don't think they imagined different breeds of dogs would be using this area as this is the same type of staging for the main area, I'm thinking they forgot about how SMALL the dogs were that might use this area. My girls, who are not toy breeds could have gotten out, and Dori, the one on the right actually made a couple of attempts. Maggie, the other one, doesn't have any interest in going where her daddy isn't, so she never gave it a shot. Cute little water fountains, huh?
Great shot of our new girl! Not often we've seen her ears this high, but the tail tuck is common when she's not in motion. I wish we could convince her that 'hold' is a happy place to be too.

This little guy is McGee. His folks are NCIS fans also. He is a six month old Chihuahua, originally named 'Salt' which nobody liked. Mom was thinking about him on probation when they first got him, lead her to nickname him 'probie' thus McGee. Maggie and Dori were nonplussed in meeting him, he had a lot of energy of course, so, Maggie tired of him after a few minutes. Dori didn't seem to care much either way. Yep, there's a dog. Now lets go.

Hey, there's other dog smells over here.

This was the area that Dori was most comfortable in. She and I trotted along this fence but I couldn't get her to go anywhere else. After a bit, she and McGee went to check out the fence, but apparently, she was pretty comfy, cause she just laid down there. Never has done that before either.

Dori took dad to show him the fence before we left. They met an Akita walking past on the road.

So, then we took the long way back to our truck. We were pretty worn out by this point. I thought this was a lovely shot, the fall colors were pretty in the sun. That's our truck way back there, and this Magnum? Our dream car, but midnight blue instead of the red we've been fancying all along. For us, this was a great shot, 'Our Two Cars' . . . maybe someday.

The only thing on my camera I didn't post here is a little video of Dori walking to the dog area. Her ears were up and her tail high and I had to have that shot. However, it required mommy chase her quickly, so I didn't post it as it might have made viewers green with 'blair witch motion sickness'. Plus it was only about 10 seconds long. Perhaps I'll have another shot again soon.

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