Tuesday, June 15, 2010

UPDATE: I has a Garden!


Well, we got the news today that there was a plot available. ALREADY! So, Welcome to Community Gardening.

My friend who is going to share the plot with me and I went over and checked it out. It's 20' x 20' and has been tilled last weekend. It rained today right after we were there or we would have went over and worked on it some.

The only kink in the works is my husband doesn't want fertilizer on anything he'll be eating. One of the Community Garden rules is that everything you do must be organic. Lots of challenges there. There was a bag of Organic Chicken Fertilizer left there, apparently donated to the gardeners, but I won't be using it on my half of the plot. A local nursery left some tomatoes, squash and pumpkin plants, but they don't look too healthy, so, I probably won't get to use those either.

Right at the moment, my only plan is to take the peas over there so they can spread out. Also the cucumbers. I'm trying to imagine what else where I could do that will get eaten. Maybe a lot more artichokes, although not the time to move any that I might get. Spinach would be nice. The lettuce in the neighbor plot is doing really well, in spite of all the bunnies in the nearby blackberry bushes.

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