Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hockey jacket, hooray!

My husband's grandson attends NHL Minnesota Wild Hockey games fairly often. So I thought I would create a jacket for him. Using the same seamless raglan pattern I've often used and Lion Brand Wool-Ease worsted in the Cranberry color I started at the neck.
This was the end of the first day. The safety pin marks where increases in the pattern went a particular way.

The second day I made fairly good progress.

I think this was the fourth day, I had a little stripe of the gold color and working into the hunter green at the bottom, with the sleeves on hold. I decided I would create the logo on the back at this point so that I wouldn't have to try to manipulate it later when it was finished and have the full bulk of the sweater working against me.

I found the logo that I wanted to use, and then searched the internet for a FREE chart generator.

I used duplicate stitch to create the logo on the back of the sweater. When that was finished, I worked to the end of the body. I believe this was the progress by the eighth day.

I picked up stitches along the bottom of the front to create pockets. Here is the finished left pocket and the beginnings of the right.

Pockets weren't part of the pattern and neither was the hoodie. I picked up the neckline stitches, the same as for a collar band, added a few for a casing and along the center back to the top then kirchener seamed the crown. I created an i-cord and used spring toggles to finish the hoodie.

Then the left sleeve and the right, with ribbed cuffs.

Try as hard as I might, I wasn't organized enough to sew the zipper in myself, so I called around and found a nice lady at the dry cleaners who sewed it in for me. I think she did a very nice job, as good as I would have done for myself, double stitching the zipper both near the teeth and at the edge of the band, and took care to match the colors. Her meticulous care really finished the whole project.

I took pictures of it and we boxed it up and sent it off to Minneapolis. On Saturday morning, we got a call from a very happy sounding ten-year-old.

It looks like it fits him pretty well too.

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