Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thank you!

I just wanted to leave a brief note to say thanks to all the new people that have stopped by my blog. The counter, right over there, was at about 500 for, well, forever, and just recently flew to over 2,000 views. It may be because of the new free pattern I posted and, if so, I would like to say, it's free because I'm not tech savvy enough to post a price on it yet: I hope in my heart of hearts that it inspires you to give or donate something for someone who needs you. This originally was created for sale in a local shop, and the proceeds collected (amazingly to me there were proceeds collected) are going to the Humane Society where a few little sweet pets that I personally know came from, but there are so many places we could all send our happy thoughts and the few dollars we can muster. Japan and the Red Cross are probably the greatest areas of need in our thoughts at the moment. My hope is that this becomes a small pay-it-forward wish. That would be my wish and for what you can do, you have my Thanks.

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