Friday, August 31, 2012

Comfort but no joy

This week one of my co-workers lost her son.  He was murdered.

I first heard about it on the news, not sure why but I thought 'Some poor mother's son...'  I never have that thought about any other similar item on the news.  

The next day is when we heard through the workplace gossip chain that this was the son of one of the ladies we work with.  It was our day off, so we went out to her home, gave her hugs, shared some tears, not sure what we could say at that moment that would truly be consoling ~ although my husband has lost his son, who could somewhat know what she was going through.

That night, I had several recurring dreams.  Actually it was a tv episode that replayed.  My husband enjoys watching the psychic mediums John Edwards and Lisa Williams who had a show for two seasons some years ago.  There's one episode of Lisa Williams I've seen multiple times, where a woman comes to see her who has lost her son, murdered, and has had no answers from authorities.  Lisa takes her out to where it happened and tells her it was a drug deal gone bad, and comforts her.

Isn't that kinda the point?  When people lose loved ones, aren't we as good neighbors to attempt to offer solace?  I don't personally believe in mediums, psychic or otherwise, but I understand that they are attempting to give comfort.

In this situation, every time it gets brought up, the person I'm discussing it with, thinking they too will have some comfort to give, or HELP ME COMFORT SOMEONE, they say well, (based on the location) that was a drug deal, and what can you expect, and they shrug it off. 

How does that help?!?  Really.  A mother lost her son.  No matter the situation, a child is not supposed to pass before their parent.  That is a grief beyond compare to be endured.

I have other things to say about this, but the inner Tourrete Syndrome in my head is kicking into overdrive and my ability to be nice to people-not-nice is waning...

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