Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hip to be a Square RECTANGLE

This is along the same idea as that last post.  My pattern is as follows (approximately 40" X 50" after washing):

With acrylic worsted weight (for donation purposes, or just generally preferred for afghans) size 8 needles.

Cast on 1 stitch, turn.
In that 1 stitch, knit front and back, 2 stitches.  Turn.
Knit the first stitch, Knit front and back of next stitch, 3 stitches. Turn.
Knit the first stitch, Make 1 right, knit the rest of row, turn.  Repeat this row, until 200 stitches. 

Continue increasing at the beginning of each row on one side.  Perhaps place a marker on the side you wish to designate as the different side ~  That side should be worked even once.  Then begin decreasing by Knit 1, k2tog every row.

Increasing on one side, decreasing on the other, maintaining the 200 stitch count.  When you have 10 inches on the decreasing side, begin decreasing the same one on the other side.  Continue decreasing at the beginning of each row, until 1 stitch remains and bind off. 

I did not edge this one at all, intended to i-chord edge it, but completely ran out of the yarn I was using.  Still it has a nice look to it.

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