Friday, July 26, 2013

July 25th, 2013 ~ Seattle Mariner's Stitch & Pitch

I got to get away for a moment.
This was Boise when we left, yeah, kinda hazy.  I can see my house in this picture, just right  of center and about a third of the way down from the top.

This Alaska Airways plane commemorates Montana State University, was just before Portland. I think that's Hood River there in the middle, those mountains are in Washington, Mt Hood was on the other side of the plane.
JJ and the boys, picked me up at the airport and we got on the road.  I was watching for Mt Rainier, just after Yelm (Olympia) before McCord AFB.
We stopped by a wonderful fiber shop, Maker's Merchantile, and this was the coffee stop at the light.  Apparently, they have a drive-thru.  The license plate reads MUGBUG3.

Makers Merch had a great display of Sock Monkeys, no two were alike.  Oh, and I liked the Owl at the bottom center, too.
Ryan, Ethan and Brice all were walking away when I finally got my camera out to get a picture of the FIRST Starbucks, located in Pike Place Market.  Such enthused escorts.....  (They were great, really!)

Everything seemed pretty well convenient, we were able to get lodging right on the commuter train route, and they have a stop right at the stadium, so no worries about parking.  Just as we got into the stadium, we turned a corner and, LOOK who was waiting for me!
This was Susan Gibbs from Juniper Moon Fiber, just after she threw out the first pitch.  (There's a blog post about her experience: )  This was as zoomed in as I could get, but I missed the pitch because someone was standing in front of me trying to get to their seats.  Plus, our seats were at the VERY TOP of the stadium.  I had a little vertigo coming down the steps the last time.
There was only one section behind me, so this would be MOST of the 3,000 Stitch & Pitch ticket holders.
Another pretty awesome thing that happened was that I got to meet a knitter I admire.  Steve Malcolm writes the blog It Takes Balls to Knit, and I admire him because there are so few guys who knit and admit it!  I've been following him since I heard about his calendar, but he has some great cable patterns as well, I hope you'll check out his website.  www.  Keep an eye on him, he's got lots going on, and a truly nice guy.  He was just as excited to see me as I was to see him.  Even came all the way up to our seats to see what we were working on, although I never found out what he was knitting ... Perhaps a secret new thing he working on!  (Photo courtesy of Jennifer 'JJ' Foster)

They won the game, by the way, I don't think I noticed because I was tickled to be there.  This was when Raul Ibanez was at bat in one of the later innings.  There were hats requested by Pacific Fabrics for World Vision, totaling 583.  I made one and received a bag, perfect for carrying a project around!

JJ dropped me off at SeaTac, and I had plenty of good knitting time.  Check this out, the perfect Knit Spot inside the security gates, about 20 of these rockers watching planes come and go.  I think that's mine there....

Good-bye Seattle, see you next year.  That's downtown, Puget Sound is that water way beneath the sky, Space Needle and Safeco Field are all in that skyline.

And another picture, because I can't get enough.

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