Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Knitkabob, Union, Oregon, October 1st.

My thought when I took this was: I want to remember that sky and this dry road a couple of months from now.  The thoughts of my passengers:  OH, HELP!  She's taking pictures while she's driving....!
Um, we saw snow.....  those mountains are above Baker City, still about 1/2 hour before we get to Knitkabob.
Like stepping into a wayback machine, there's a Rexall Drug store across the street.
We purchased lunch from this counter, inside the drug store.  Our sandwiches were made with homemade bread.

From Left to Right: Melissa, me, Maggie and Priscilla.  The photo was taken by a nice young woman who came to the shop from Wallowa, about an hour away!  Maggie's shop is a desirable place to be for many miles away.

Pretty store front, but wait!
Notice that beside the door on both sides, are knitting needles.  Maggie said her husband made them.  I think he deserves a gold star, they are beautiful!

Please find Knitkabob on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Knitkabob/125972087477794?ref=br_tf and let Maggie know you found her!  Support the happy yarn stores!

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