Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Stitches South Friends

I'm so glad you're there, I hope you enjoy.

It's a sad a lonely place online when the event is being set up or during the event. Out here is the sound of crickets, while in there are squeals of delight when finding a new or old friend, or the yarn you've always wanted, or to understand a new technique that seemed beyond known skill.

If I could have a wish, from far away, I would ask for a box filled with:

  • The wonderful colors that dazzle my eyes,
  • The texture on my fingertips that makes me want to dive in head first,
  • The recognition of my craft that comes from nowhere else,
  • The hugs given freely and in abundance,
  • The desire to knit this and all of that,
  • but the largest share I crave is the feeling of being understood, sometimes before you know the name of the person who understands, 
  • That comes with speaking the same language.
Have a wonderful adventure, my friends. Tell me you wish I was there...

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