Sunday, February 1, 2015

Knotty Girls KnitCast

Just to keep you updated, I was invited by Laura & Jen of the Knotty Girls KnitCast to appear and be interviewed on their podcast.

They were very kind to invite me, it was a genuine thrill for me as I have been listening to their program ever since they began, as you will probably figure out from listening.

Here is the link, I do recommend their podcast as it's FUN, full of knitting and yarn, of course, but movies, tv shows and other geeky stuff. If, for some reason I can't begin to imagine, you're not interested in all the other and only in hearing me, (SERIOUSLY? Have you not had enough?) you could skip ahead to minute 30, and we talk about all kinds of stuff I love for about 30 minutes.

One thing that was mentioned, that I would point out to you, is a GROUP on Facebook, where I try to share all kinds of fun things, comics or cool things from different companies, called PURSUIT OF HAPPY KNITS. (Deliberately all caps, because the happier I am, the louder I get.) Please consider yourself invited to ask to be included.

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