Thursday, July 30, 2015

Seattle Mariners Stitch & Pitch 2015

I usually write a post when I get to go on a Knitting Adventure, filled with pictures.

Yesterday I got home from attending the Seattle Mariner's Stitch and Pitch, a little sad about how to do that, because my phone died just before I got to the game. I don't want to talk about that, really, except to express my deep sadness that a phone battery doesn't last enough for me to fly away from home, make a four hours bus ride before losing all power to take any pictures with. Even forsook taking any of the Brand-New Bar-Maids retail location for which I am deeply heartbroken.

So, I've stolen just two from my friend JJ Foster. JJ has a new business called The Traveling Ewe, designed to take folks on a day trip or weekend KNITTING adventures, from the Portland area. She got a very comfortable tour bus, had a baseball movie to watch, a collection of baseball themed snacks, like Cracker Jacks and Baby Ruth, and a really cool baseball hat!

JJ and I outside of Safeco Field.

That for me is the best part of any adventure is being with friends. Especially friends who you can knit with, and don't think it strange that you brought three projects to work on...

A GREAT BIG HIGHLIGHT (if you watched the last video I posted, you already know this) was getting to wave hello to Mr. Noro (he doesn't speak english, so flapping my hand at him was the best greeting I could give him) ask him to sign my book, written by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton (she signed it when she gave it to me) and stand behind him so someone could take a picture of Mr. Noro and his Son and myself.

I am now looking for someone who can read to me what her wrote. I am hoping he didn't say, "Get out of my face, you knit too slow."
My previous Stitch and Pitch Adventures, links to 2013, 2011, 2010 Anyway, happy knitting adventures to you. If you're interested in one with The Traveling Ewe, CLICK HERE to see if there's a possible wish to come true for you! You can find me in Ravelry as wearingpurple, in Twitter as wearingpurple1 and I have a public group in Facebook called Pursuit of Happy Knits

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