Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My vitamins are horse pills

So, what with all the stuff I feel I can't eat and trying to take care of myself, I've been taking vitamins to suppliment my diet. (Diet in the sense of 'this is what I eat' not 'I'm trying to lose weight.')

A few years ago, I started taking a multi-vitamin, because I knew I wasn't getting enough of some things like iron. I choose one that supports weight loss, not because I am on a diet (meaning 'to lose weight') but because while standing there in the store and looking at all the multi-vitamins, these in particular seemed to have the most B-vitamins. At the time, I was on birth control pills and know that they deplete the B-vitamins in a woman's body so that was my concern. I've learned so much more about B-vitamins since that first decision that I'm very happy that I did.

I was also taking a naproxen sodium tablet with my multi-vitamin to help with pain in my hip, legs and feet which seemed to help with leveling the days of more or less pain. I don't seem to need them in the summer, thankfully.

I read a few years ago that taking cinnamon helps diabetics in processing food as well as vinegar. I take two cinnamon capsules, having a little problem making sure I get the vinegar more than a couple times a week.

Because I have a hiatal hernia, I have pretty much avoided almost all dairy since my mid-twenties. I should have started taking calcium and vitamin D at that point but it never occured to me till after I turned 40. I've seen Dr. Oz mention taking calcium to help the body process fats, which I know I'm getting a lot of (the 'diet' or 'what I can eat'). He spoke with Oprah about it, who complained that it made her constipated and Dr. Oz said she should have been taking magnesium to help the calcium work efficiently and thus prevent getting stopped up. So, I have been taking two calcium tablets with Vitamin D and two magnesium tablets.

Recently, I couldn't find the multivitamins that I had been taking so have had to switch to a Women's Daily and a B-Complex. The only thing other than that I'm taking is a tiny low-dose aspirin which I take to help prevent strokes and heart attacks, for which diabetics are prone. Had to search high and low for a non-chewable one that wasn't full of sugar.

I hate taking these giant pills. There is no way to swallow the whole lot at once, I have nearly choked myself to death trying. In fact, taking more than two at a time is a challenge.

It's really hard for me to understand why a person who eats normally (not me, just a normal person eating three squares a day) can't get the nutrition they need without taking any vitamins. What are we supposed to be eating that we're not? I also don't understand why these pills have to be so gi-normous. Are they really that big to get all that I need into me and not a bunch of inert ingredients I don't need?

Like Forrest Gump, 'That's all I have to say about that.' I'm really only ranting about all the pills, I'm sure there are people out there who think I'm missing something and I should add to what I'm already taking. I don't want to take anymore, and I don't want to hear from people pushing their products as I feel I'm doing my best with what I can afford. It would be so much worse, I'm convinced, if I had prescriptions to take also.

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