Friday, August 6, 2010

Stitch & Pitch Adventure

Yesterday, a knitter acquaintance of mine and I took the afternoon off and went up to Seattle to attend the Mariner's Stitch & Pitch game.

I have a difficult time driving past this place, so we stopped and did a little bead shopping. I say 'little' because I didn't spend more than $20 and we were there less than an hour.

Now, before we left I went online to get address and times, miles etc. We hit bad traffic about 10 minutes after the bead store, and having gotten the wrong address for the store we were supposed to pick up our tickets, we missed the start of the game.

We left the vehicle at the store where we picked up our tickets. It seemed about 4 blocks away when we started out but may have been about 3/4 mile. This mural was a pretty thing to see from across the street. Notice the tree has pears on the left and apples on the right side. I couldn't get the whole thing but what this shot is missing is a depiction of Mt Rainier on the left.

Ah, goal is in sight. Actually we drove the west side of the stadium and then the south getting to the store with the tickets. Below this Mariner's banner is a littler one of Ichiro.

No cityscape pic of Seattle is complete without seagulls. This is the view from the corridor near our seats. So basically, the top of the stadium.

The view over Puget Sound, complete with Ferry. I was disappointed for my companion to see Seattle on such a smoggy day, due to forest fires in our western United States, but as she hails from Southern California, didn't seem to think this at all unusual.

Artistic Baseball Bat installation as we entered the stadium.

I had been thinking about all the different baseball movies as I was preparing for this adventure and during the drive on the way up. I was touched by the recognition this poster gives to the AAGPBL, as depicted in the movie 'A League of Their Own'. There's no crying in baseball!

Debbie Bliss threw out the first pitch at our game and signed a pre-release book for attendees.

Finally, after all the traffic, grabbing something to eat and shopping the vendors' wares we made it to our seats to get some knitting done and watch some REAL LIVE PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL!

My favorite, and probably everybody's who watches the Mariners, is Ichiro. This is the view from our seats in his signature 'Warrior Pose' that he takes with every swing of the bat at the plate. He is very limber ~ one thing I noticed that you don't see on TV is that he is constantly stretching during the whole game. Good for him, because it will probably keep him in action for many years to come.The centerfield scoreboard displaying the game's statistics as well as Ichiro's. Yes, they did lose but I believe we were all winners.

Certainly the Ichiro Fan Club, who occupied the top of a couple of sections a a little ways from ours think so.

I had a wonderful time, I want say thank you to Pacific Fabrics & Crafts and the Seattle Mariner's without whom I wouldn't have come home with this pirate booty!

I also want to say thank you to Miss M for listening to me one night at the knitting group, complain about never having seen a live game, get stoked about how cool it would be to do this particular knitting adventure, driving to whole way there and back with her vehicle. Without her, I may never have gotten to do this or have been tempted to go by myself, which would have been unsafe. I also have to say thanks to Superman for bravely taking care of the office when he had much better to do.

And now for my one purchased souvenir: wearing purple wears purple! HAHAHAH!

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