Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Beach Time! ~ Labor Day Weekend 2010

Last winter I wanted to make sure we got to go to the beach this summer. Well, after sitting on pins & needles fretting about the weather, we actually kept our reservation and went. We got there about dinner time on Saturday, this was the view from our picnic table under the pop-up canopy.
Maggie is very happy to go anywhere. She ran back and forth into the waves very playfully. We think it may have been Dori's first time with sand in her toes. She seemed to like it, mostly walking with ears and tail up, sniffing strange things and running as much as I could keep up with her.

The weather was about as near perfect as could be. The only precipitation was some misting both mornings.

The park had some really great paths. This one looped around the airpad, paved for bicyclists, about two miles long.

I was hoping to get a picture of my knitting at the beach, but that didn't happen. Does knitting while blogging count?

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