Friday, May 24, 2013

Skirting issues

 A few years ago, I created a skirt of my own guessing, for my daughter.  She, being a teenager rejected it, so I put it away.

Recently, Knitter's Magazine did a special Skirt issue, which I thought feature some unique techniques, but I've heard different people say "why would you knit a skirt, who would wear a knitted skirt...?"

So, I got this out, it had been years since I looked at it and it being made of cotton had yellowed, so I bleached it, put a grosgrain ribbon in the waistband and took a picture.

I have not decided if I will post a pattern, not sure I can remember what I did to write one, but let me tell you what I like about it:  Being created with a bias has a different kind of drape, sort of clingy.  The ruffle is right at my knee and has a pretty fun bounce to it.  Perhaps because it's a net/lace fabric it's lighter weight than I thought it would be.  Awfully fun to sit in, because it just tucks itself around me in it's own modest way.  I don't have a slip this length, so I've been wearing it with some of my chiffon skirts, which also ruffle at the knee and feels companionable together.  I feel very happy it's summer!

So, my question is:  Why NOT a skirt?  

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