Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fiber Train 2014, Nampa, Idaho

How can you not love this greeting?

These seemed to be the babies, very new and maybe yearlings.


The older alpacas were participants in the shearing demonstrations later on. 

 The market place:  a couple more venors to meet from last year, three of them inside.   When we were there, the weather was nice. It didn't stay that way, there were some high winds and downpours that weekend.  

The demonstrations of the sheering:  I've watched this activity before. Unlike the timed contests on TV, this one was a quite a bit gentler.  In fact, it seemed to me that this one was smiling throughout, although I don't think that was conveyed in these shots.  They walked her toward me when she was done, and I was tempted to give her a scratching, but I felt I hadn't been given permission.  
Vendors included: 
Pepperberry Knits,
Sage Flower Gardens,
Sassy Sheep Yarns,
(I will add more as I can find the links...)

Two local shops particitpated:
Puffy Mondaes (the event coordinator),

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