Tuesday, December 10, 2013

This American (Knitter's) Life

I've been on The Fiber Hooligan podcast for a few weeks now. Monday was my seventh appearance. I've featured lots of things from books, day long televised knitting events, Dr. Who...  

Are you surprised this is happening to me?  I am!

Here's the thing:  It's been completely voluntary.  Perhaps someday when it's time, I will pursue something further involved that takes me on more adventures in knitting but for the moment, I'm stretching my little world and it's boundaries. That feels pretty good for the time being.  

One thing that has been a little bit frustrating is the promotion end of it. (I know this is a first-world problem and not really important in the universal scheme of things... I hope you can hear that this isn't concern for myself.) I'm not the only one experiencing this frustration. I have been trying to help another knitting program producer who started a very involved knitting/fiber education video program which needs sponsors and/or subscribers. How can anyone hear or know about how great this creation of his if I can't make anyone hear me tell them about it?

And another podcast has recently asked for my help.  I also spent a lot of the last month promoting a fiber event several states away from me, without the help of those I was trying to promote, except for the coordinators.

I often feel inadequate because my internet 'voice' is so small. I can only promote these thing so many times in so many places before people get fatigued of me.  For instance, on Twitter I have less than 200 hundred followers.  That is NOT advertising.  That's standing in my corner of the world and humming a little melody, in the chaos of the cacophony...

I'm recording this frustration here because I hope to come back to it and see that there have been results. For the moment it just feels like spinning my tires, or being restrained.

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