Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Knitting Adventure: Stitches West 2014, Santa Clara, California

Unlike my previous knitting adventures that I've shared here, I have no pictures.

I got a new phone, of the 'Smart' variety.  I found out today, after I was home from the adventure for a day, that when we purchased it, the fellow was supposed to set it up on the internet for me, which we did not know and it did not happen.


I can TELL you what it was like.  There was a large market place, larger than the one at Sock Summit, if you were there, I think by twice the size. I was in a booth right at the front door, which was awesome for me, because I saw a lot of people as they came in the door about to start shopping so they were plenty excited and most were adorned in a recently finished project. I saw a lot of shawls, sweaters, hats, scarves, skirts... 

I have met 5 people who were there before I went. I think I may have met a few thousand there easily. I met teachers, students, designers, yarn company reps, other market lurkers like me. I attended events: There was a fashion show, another fashion show for students, a pajama party, a podcaster meet-up, I shared adult beverages in the bar while knitting before I headed upstairs to the hotel to bed.

I realize I have a lot of work to do, now, to get better at what I want to do. I knew I would be inspired, I was HOPING for inspiration and I was not disappointed. I know now that with a little effort I can go so much further. There are lots of people paving my direction, because what I had hoped for was to encourage and motivate others toward the craft I love and because that is my priority, others are offering to show me my options, for which there are many.

And so, I've come home Grateful, Humbled, and Flying.

(If I have more to add to this, I will, but for now, this is the simple version.)

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