Sunday, June 22, 2014

Just Knitting, Video Blog Post, KNITLIT, Part 5

Just Knitting, Video Blog Post, KNITLIT, Part 5 features The Seven Series by Heather Ordover, the first book GROUNDED, self-published 2013 by Crafting a Life books.

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From Goodreads: (There isn't a series description yet, as this is the first book in the series and it was recently published. This is the book's explanation instead.)  

Hannah Rose was able to convince herself that she was a normal teenager, even though she usually knew exactly what was about to happen next. Until one day when she set her jerk of an ex-boyfriend on fire-from 15 feet away-propelling herself into a world of weirdness. 
Rosie is sent to live with her aunt in Brooklyn. There, Rosie discovers a family legacy of strange abilities and dangerous talents. Her training tests her gifts-and her patience-but over the summer she does begin to learn to control her unique skills and meets a boy with equally dangerous strengths. Together, they find a sort of peace that neither has ever experienced, and it looks like it will last-until disaster breaks them apart in a way neither saw coming.
Tammy's Disclaimer: I have not received any of these books as promotional materials from the authors or their publishers. I've obtained them on my own, by purchase or borrowing from the local library. The order in which they appear is not to be understood as a rating, but simply as an opportunity to share positive things about knitting. Please enjoy with me. Thank you!

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