Friday, November 11, 2016

Adventures in Planned Pooling, crochet technique

Thought I might share my adventures in Planned Pooling, which is a crochet technique that is all over the internet right now. In fact, I would encourage you to search for #PlannedPooling and see all the amazing and helpful videos and posts there are out there!

Links to the dyers where I obtained the yarn, in order, KnitCircus, Dizzy Blonde and Blue Moon Fiber.  My opinion is unsolicited, these are skeins I purchased at various events or with online opportunities as I could.

Here are the links to Marly Bird's videos that are very recent at this point, first shares the how-tos to get started and the second is 10 Secrets to Perfect Planned Pooling. Her YouTube channel is sponsored by Red Heart Yarns, so if you saw a particularly sweet colorway she used, and you'd like to give it a try, check out their website.

You can find me in Ravelry as wearingpurple, in Twitter as wearingpurple1 and I have a public group in Facebook called Pursuit of Happy Knits. Also, I'm also in Instagram account and in Pinterest.

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