Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I love Sundays

I think I love them because there's only one of them in a week. And that's the only one I get off of work. Sometimes, I don't get that whole day off from thinking about office stuff either, cause someone having an 'emergency' is banging on my door or wailing on the 'call manager' button on the keypad. Usually, it's because they haven't paid their bill and the computer won't let them through the gate. Occasionally, just rarely, it's my fault they can't get into their unit for some reason. Like, they paid their fees for the month AFTER the last time my Superman walked through and made sure all those paid up weren't overlocked.

I'm posting a few pics of the last couple of Sundays to share with you the bliss they give me. There's also an update at the end about Dori and Maggie, if you are following along.
OK, I'm usually up during the weeking between 6:30 and 7am, even on the Sundays because it's a hard habit to break sometimes. While I'm getting ready for the day, I like to watch CBS Sunday Morning, it seems to me the most pleasant news report at anytime. After that we like to go the the nearby State Park.

There are four little ponds there with a path that we like to walk around, like this one.

Here's my handsome man and my pretty girls. That's Maggie doing her own thing on the left, Dori waits impatiently there on the right with the leash.
It's very scenic there and peaceful. Not a lot of people to run into before 9am on a Sunday morning.
This particular day was misty, so the bridge looked so sweet.

Sometimes, when we get back, Daddy likes to make us a big breakfast. Occasionally, we go get breakfast out, but we like having ourselves to ourselves more.

See, he is my Superman.

Sundays for us mean a day of rest, too. We might take naps, or just relax. Maggie found the one sunnyspot we ever have on the dining room floor.

This last Sunday, we watched the Mariner's kick Yankee butt, I knitted while we watched the game.

This is merino wool I bought at the Sock Summit in August. More on this later.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

We have been working with Dori, to be calm and bring out the natural dog in her. We have been walking with her tied to my belt loop, which has worked wonders for her on the granola path, not so well on asphalt. Very calm and relaxing walks, this last weekend especially. I am carrying a stick now also. Now when I say that, for some reason everybody gets alarmed, so let me explain. I am not carrying a stick to beat my dogs with. It's more like a shephard's staff. It has been helpful with Dori, because she is not pulling ahead of me, as if to escape from me anymore. She is reminded by the stick to walk WITH me, as an extension of my hand, for protection and security. She seems a little more trusting of us on the walks, the tail is coming up a little more as are the ears. We are keeping Maggie on the leash more now too, and both the girls are walking with us, between us mostly with the stick. Neither girl is running ahead and on the leash Maggie is keeping up with us, where before she lagged behind.

We watch 'Dog Whisperer' pretty much daily, we find a lot of helpful tidbits there. That was where the tied to the belt idea came from and the stick. Cesar Milan's advice was actually to boost the confidence of the human, but we are finding it is boosting the confidence of little lady shy girl, too.

Earlier I mentioned that I like to watch CBS Sunday Morning. This last weekend Bill Geist did an article about adopting a dog, his first, and all that he is learning about dog, dog culture and all. I really identified with what he's going thru and it appears his Daphne is working out for him very well. Check that out too.


I loved it. Looks like he's learning a lot and having fun, too.

Anyway, I hope you have peaceful days, at least once in a while.

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