Friday, September 4, 2009

It's a dogs life

So, how about a little update on the dog situation in our home, hmmmm?

We think we may have made a little progress with Dori, the new dog from the rescue. The other day we decided we were all going to go upstairs and take a nap. We wanted to see if she would go upstairs and lay down without the kennel. Wonder of Wonders! She did! We thought we would continue on that. So, we are no longer carrying the kennel upstairs at night or downstairs in the morning. She won't lay down till we do, but she stays upstairs until we are all coming downstairs. She seems to need a signal to move, we haven't discovered what that is yet, but we are looking for more ways to get her to trust us, be part of our family and do things on her own.

We continue to walk in the park. Last weekend, we went to walk in the park in the early afternoon. I could hear Maggie behind my seat, so I took this over my shoulder.

When I saw the shot I got I busted up and laughed for about five minutes. It looks like she's saying 'I can smell the forest!'

I thought I would get a new shot of Dori in the park, this was walking with Dad. I had hoped to get one showing how relaxed she gets in the park. Hard to get one because I'm usually behind them.

Here is me with both of them. You can see how thick our park is. It's a challenge getting a good shot of terriers, too. Although Dori looks good, you can't see Maggie very well.

Those were all from last weekend.

This one I took this morning. We have taken the tops off the kennels. We hope that this will promote Dori's interest in what's happening in the house and want to become more involved. Yesterday, I trimmed Maggie's nails while she was laying in her kennel with our pet nail trimmer (the one they advertise on tv ~ not the clipper kind) and Dori watched me. I let her feel the vibrations of it on the top of her paw and all, but as she still is not comfortable with us touching her, I won't be able to do her nails for a while.

They look like bookends don't they. I think they are listening to the 'Dog Whisperer' program.

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