Friday, August 28, 2009


One of the reasons I didn't post anything for so long about the Sock Summit was because I went there looking for things to fill a package to participate in an organized Purple Swap. This was an event I found on put together by a young lady in the UK. I signed up thinking, I would really like to receive something from far away but I was partnered with a nice woman in Nebraska. That's OK, she was very thoughtful and for me she has made me want to do this again.

For her, I found the coffee cup. It is purple and says 'knit one, sip one' on the inside there. I also found the magnets, one says 'Born to Knit' and the other says 'I live in the Garden of Beadin', I thought she might like that because that seems to be another of her hobbies, maybe more so than knitting. The yarn is a superwash that was dyed here locally, and I bought it at my LYS (that's Local Yarn Store) but the creater was at the Sock Summit also, so I could have purchased it there. I found other trinkets there and included them for her also, like the measuring tape and some buttons. The hat and gloves I made for her.

In return she sent me: Wonderful stuff! The socks she spun, dyed and knitted and they are very thick! The basket contained grape lip balm, key ring, note pad, and bookmark. She painted the sheep in the center, the purple yarn at the top is some retro wool, the bag is a project bag, where the handle threads through three large rings to cinch closed and dangles from the wrist or elbow to carry your project along with you wherever you go. The three longs hanks of purple are CASHMERE! Yes, the most perfectly purple cashmere. She bartered with another lady who recycles fibers and got some cashmere just for me.

That was great fun, I think I'll do it again. Tonight though is our local area Knitter's Social, so I'm taking this to show everybody, then I'll come home and pretend to put it away.

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