Monday, August 3, 2009

Just gigglin, sittin, knittin

OK. I know I included my love of knitting in the title of my blog. I have to say that I've hesitated to post anything about it when it came time because I didn't know where to start. Just thinking about it got me overwhelmed.

Lately, though, I admit, I've had actual giggles when thinking about it.

First of all, I ORDERED YARN ONLINE. And not just any yarn, but real, actual, 100% wool. And not just a little. I ordered over 12,000 yards of it.

See, I don't generally have stashed yarn, like some knitters do. Usually, I work at whatever I have until it's done, then cast about for something new.

My favorite form of yarn is by the spool. It sits there so nicely, and I feel so industrious as it whips off the spool through my fingers and into my product.

So, I found on a major shopping website, spools of wool at almost half what the manufacturer lists it for, where I've had it on my wishlist getting dusty for over a year. I found it there and put it on my credit card and waited ever so impatiently for seven days for the Brown Santa (aka UPS) to deliver it to me with a smile on his face.

And when it arrived, I got the giggles all over again. I am a proud owner of a stash of real, non-manmade fiber.

Another reason for the giggles recently is that I'm planning to go on an excursion to the Sock Summit to play touchy feely with even more wool than I just purchased in the marketplace of over 150 vendors of yarn and otherwise knitting paraphernalia. I proudly allowed my Superman to take the day off from escorting me declaring that it would bore him to tears by saying, 'aren't you glad I'm not subjecting you to this' when I downloaded the map to the event, then read the Mayor's proclamation naming this week, Sock Week, and then called one of the ladies actually attending the event with me.

Very late Friday night, I found out who my partner is in a Purple Swap with knitters on, a worldwide gathering of yarn crafters online. This was thought out and put together by a purple freak in the UK, so I was nervous about the dollar/pound exchange rate and the postage to send my swap package overseas. When I found out that my partner lives in Nebraska, and I share many similarities with her, I got all giggly again.

But, the really silly thing that sent me over the edge was this.

This is a miniature sweater that I whipped up behind the counter while waiting for tenants to stop by on Saturday morning. It was out of an old magazine where a woman listed this project as something to sell at a craft bazaar to sell with a note stating 'Here's the sweater I promised you'. I'm thinking I would rather have had it as a broach with maybe a heart embroidered on it, or something. I had Superman assist me with the photo, thinking I could edit it and add text like 'I KNIT LOVE' but I don't have a program on my computer to help me do that. Still, I skipped about the house with a bad case of the giggles for over an hour after it was completed and I posted it my profile.

But that's just me.

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  1. No yarn is too much for me to handle. I rehabilitate yarn, I train people. I am the "Yarn Whisperer".

    :) I couldn't resist, I finally got to watch my first night of the Dog Whisperer after quiting the HD. It is stuck in my head.