Saturday, July 25, 2009

Here's some pictures of new dog in our life, Dori.

The other morning I came down after my shower and wondered if they were ready to go for our morning walk. They were laying identically, on the right. Of course, as soon as Maggie saw me with the camera, she spoils the shot, but you can see, they were laying on their left sides the same.

Then, later after we got home, I see the same thing but opposite. I just thought it was funny.

Today, just after noon, we took the girls to the park. We go to visit this park everyday. It was better lighting that we usually have so I brought the camera. I think we got some good shots.

Dori loves this park. Here she is with Dad holding her leash. Maggie's in front of them, just behind Dad in this shot so you can't see her.
She seems to be saying, 'Hurry up, Mom. What's taking you so long?'

Daintily raised paw. Hmmm, someone must have been here recently. Maybe me!

This is the two of them together. Even when they met at the shelter, they seemed very comfortable together just like this. (I think Maggie's butt is getting smaller . . . .)

OK, Mom has the leash now. Oh, this place smells so good. It's nice to be in the sun for a moment!

Dori and Maggie walking the Dad, together.

Maggie tends to be very independent. That is her leash trailing behind her. Dori seems content with Dad beside her, even though still unsure. Notice the tail is not tucked by not raised yet. Also, the ears are still laying down.

Finally, a great shot of Dori. This makes me very happy, to think she is smiling, ears half raised. She seems to say, 'I am doing my favorite thing in my favorite place!'

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  1. Dori is looking great! It's a good thing that you already had Maggie. Maggie is showing her how to be a dog in your home. It's like she says "Here's how we sleep in our boxes" and "Here's how we take our people for walks."