Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Update on Dori

Got this note in our e-mail this morning.

"I just wanted to check in to see if everything was going okay with all of you and Dori. I fell in love with her while she was here and saw her slowly grow into a very happy girl. One thing I wanted to reiterate is how crucial it is to never let her off leash outside. We just heard that one of Dori's buddies from the same rescue got away from his owner this past Saturday, while on a walk, and is still missing after three days. He got scared when someone jogged passed them and bolted. Dori is a very special little girl and we are all so happy that she has found a wonderful home with you all. If you ever have any questions or need anything, feel free to call. ~ Jennifer"

I'm going to answer her, but have to think of a way to say, well, we've removed the second leash we were using to walk her, just in case she bolted.

I have done more research on the reports online that I can find. There was a rescue from a property that had about 200 dogs. There was some speculation from neighbors that this person had property at least twice before and raised dogs to sell in less than humane conditions and had sought out this particular area as it was known for laxer legalities in animal treatment. They had to compete for food and water. I think that the owner was a man, because Dori seems more skittish with men than women.

I think also, that the dogs probably slept in dog piles for warmth and companionship, because she does try to lay near Maggie in the truck when we go to the park. They have separate kennels so they don't sleep together and I wonder if Dori would sleep better if she were nearer Maggie. Maggie is not used to sleeping near anybody, not sure how accepting she would be.

Dori doesn't eat what we give her right away. She waits until she thinks we are not watching her. Last night, while we were eating our dinner and Maggie, who has taken to eating her dog food when we are eating, was at her bowl, Dori came out to her bowl and ate a few bites too. So, for half a minute, we were all eating dinner at the same time. She was eating the second day the second day she was here.

I think the shelter folks, being limited with time and resources, were able to get her to walk with them, knowing that whoever adopted her would want a dog they could walk with. She loves going on walks and we have been walking her in the morning before we open the office and then again after dinner. When we want her to come with us, we simply lift our end of the leash and she comes out of her kennel to go of her own power, without having to give the leash even the slightest tug.

We have discussed how the two girls will benefit each other, Maggie will calm Dori's fear of people and Dori will calm Maggie's fear of dogs. Dori is still so extremely shy of us or anyone one else, but she does look us in the eye, and watches our every move. We can offer her a treat and she takes it from our fingertips.

They seem very comfortable walking side by side with me, at my side or between Superman and I. The girls and I walk in the morning with another lady in our neighborhood, Shirleen. She tries to get Dori to allow her to pet her and does seem disappointed that only Maggie will allow her to scratch her itchy places. Dori is satisfied with a touch of her nose to the back of Shirleen's hand. Erin brought her husband Nick by yesterday. Erin and Shirleen are in my knitting group, and I had been talking about my new dog at the last meeting. Erin was hoping to see Dori, but that was all she got to do. Dori came out when I picked up her leash, saw strangers and went back to her kennel. Maggie, on the other hand, was all for saying 'hello'.

We have yet to hear Dori's voice. She does not whine or bark. Last night, after Superman fell asleep, I listened to Dori growl in her dreams. I very nearly woke him up to hear it. It was so soft, though, I'm not sure he would have heard much of her.

Dori doesn't get on the furniture, I wonder if she's ever been on any furniture, at the shelter they had a bench like a park bench. She waits when the patio door is open for us to go through first. She gets behind me if we come across people on our walks, especially bikes, then goes back to our side or slightly ahead once we've passed them. She often looks over our shoulder to see what or where we're at. If we touch her, she won't look at us while we do so. I lift her to get in the truck and try to scratch under her head and behind the ears. She seems to take is for what it is, she doesn't recoil or snap at me for touching her, but she is happier when she's set down.

I think the thing the makes me happy for her right at the moment is when we are through the door, her ears are up, not completely, and the tail is up, and the last couple days, wagging. When Dori and Maggie are side by side on our walks is a very happy sight as well, but that wagging tail is, oh, so, sweet.

UPDATE, UPDATE!!!! ~ This evening we came out of the house to get in the truck to go to the park, Maggie jumps into the truck then I pick up Dori. In the moment I have her in my arms, I'm thinking I'm going to get a little lovin' in, so I start cooing at her softly and scratching under her chin and she loves it! I can feel her tail wagging against my rib. Dad gets to love her a bit, too, before I put her in the truck. When we get to the park, we open the door and Maggie jumps out, I pick up the end of the leash for Dori and she comes from the backseat and into the passenger seat and hops out on her own, too! We walked really slow, because it's hot and Dad's overdone it today, and she walked right next to me the whole time! When we got back to the truck, she walked up to the truck and hopped in on her own (I'm trying not to think it was to escape me and my need for snuggles) and then out again when we got home. It made my heart very happy!!! (I really overdid the exclamation points on this paragraph, sorry!!!)

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