Monday, July 20, 2009

This day

OK, it's Monday.

I wanted to get everything done that I should get done everyday but still somehow manage to miss things.

I should be getting the dogs walked and the plants watered, fill the bird bath, take my vitamins, and eat breakfast, do the laundry a couple days a week, run the dishwasher once a day, open the office, check the mail, answer the phones, process the payments, AND THEN, get on the computer, checking my e-mail, our e-mail, myspace, facebook, twitter, ravelry, goodreads and then start working on lunch for my Superman all by noon. You would be surprised at how often I miss stuff in this list.

Today, I was looking forward to getting this stuff done and sat down at my desk to knit and finish Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's 'Yarn Harlot'. I was so looking forward to that, but it was not to be. Dori had nightmares again last night.

Keep in mind, when this sweetheart is awake, she doesn't make any noise. I have yet to hear her growl, whine or bark when she is conscious. A couple of times, I've heard her growl or bark (as if she were a different breed of dog like a mastif, very low and old sounding) in her sleep, usually for a couple of minutes and whatever was happening in that dream is done and she sleeps soundly again. Last night, several times and for quite some time, she barked at something. Superman never heard her because he sleeps so little, he was up and back down on his recliner by one am.

I would gently try to rouse Maggie if she were doing this in her sleep, but Dori is so insecure that waking her seems cruel. Can you imagine waking to my touching her or leaning in close and calling her when she barely lets me touch her otherwise, how that would terrorise her further? I just laid there and try to imagine where she walks in her subconscious. Does she still imagine the fight for survival she was rescued from, defending herself from the other 200 dogs she had to deal with for food and water? When she wakes up and finds she's here, does she feel relief?

So, this afternoon, I tried to catnap before going to the library for the knitting group. I wondered if anybody would be there, and then thought, yeah, knitting in the air conditioned library sounds like taking a dip in a cool body of water.

The office was busy today. We leased four units today. Two of these, my dear husband tried to lease while I was asleep. He was OK until the second one. First of all, I hadn't vacated that in the computer yet, so he was having a difficult time getting the tenants info all input. Then, I realized this is the ex-spouse to a current tenant. A tenant who has been faithful and easy to take care of. An uncomplicated tenant who I knew was separating from the spouse and was having a hard time of it. The ex didn't say anything about having been a previous tenant to my husband. That fact feels deceitful to me. When I realized what happened and told him, I asked if he thought we should call my good tenant and warn them that the ex leased a unit, perhaps a new lock on the unit may be a good thing. Of course, I realized, they may have thought it would be easy to divide everything if the ex leased here too, and so, my calling may have just confirmed that all was OK. My husband thinks we had no choice to rent to the ex, which is not true, we can refuse to lease to anyone for any reason, and that we have no responsibilities. I can't call my supervisor to see what she thinks, and the co-worker who trained me couldn't answer either, as we are prevented from giving any unauthorized information about tenants to others.

All of that left my blood sugar soaring. So, off to the library knitting group I went. I was an hour late, I considered not going, then realized it's going to be almost two weeks before the next group (oh, that sounds so long) and went anyway. There were just four of us that showed, disappointing when compared with the dozen knitters who were there last week, but four of my favorites. This is the project I took, since it was at my desk, all basketed up and ready to fly. I immediately worked through the yarn I had and got to sit there chatting. Which happened to two of the other ladies as well. Monday is just an off day, I think.

I realized, almost mid-sentence, while we were chatting that I was late getting back to close the office. I was telling them about a video I downloaded last night of me taking my dog for a run around the complex, and how it wasn't till I saw it that I realized how big my butt was. I was going to post it here but, but I can't make it work. I think I lost my motivation, anyway, sorry.

I guess, I'll go put on some jammies and wait for "The Closer" to air so I can go to bed. What a day! I hope your's was better than mine.

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