Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Just for fun, I found some questions in an article that I thought would be cool to try to figure out answers for, then go back and analyze like the aricle said. Only now I can't find the article. Oh, well.

1) What makes your heart beat with excitement?

I find my heart beats with excitement for a lot of things. It happens most often when I see my husband smile, because he has this look that makes my brain sees as happy-golden-boy that is so extremely supreme, I melt. When my dogs run with joy in the sun, when I hear babies laugh, some songs on the radio or in the stereo, the big reveals on the make-over shows, that moment when Barbra Streisand steps up to the bandstand in 'HELLO DOLLY' and Louis Armstrong turns around (which is just like Olivia Newton-John tap dancing with Gene Kelly in 'XANADU'), when Patrick Swayze says, 'Nobody puts Baby in a corner' in 'DIRTY DANCING', the moment that Buzz Lightyear flies, that moment when Wall-E and Eve connect ................... that kind of stuff.

2) What would be that one thing that would make you happy?

I would love to hear that my cousin has been cured of MS, or that there is a cure for diabetes, or Parkinson's Decease, Alzheimers, etc, that my husband and my brother can completely recover from their injuries and all care and cures available for FREE.

3) What are you constantly thinking of day and night?

I guess the short answer is myself. I am constantly thinking, What can I do about my husband (usually the pain he's in, either emotionally or physically), what can I do to help my Maggie-dog stop being such a freak about getting attention and/or food, What can I do to help my Dori-dog to be less afraid (I wanna love on her so bad), What can I do to better the numbers at work, What can I do to help people I know that are having such a hard time, What can I do to speed up my knitting, What can I do to be closer to my daughter, I miss my daughter, I miss my mom, I miss my grandma, What can I do to make my sister get over whatever I've done to piss her off and answer my messages, What can I do to help my brother not be so depressed with his pain and disabilities and feel like the man he wants to be, How can I convince him I don't want our father in my life, no how no way, because even if he doesn't believe what happened all those years ago, I know that they did happen but I still admire him for wanting to believe the best about everybody, who's looking for me and how can I prevent them from finding me, How are the people I have loved doing and do they know how much I love them,...............

4) What do you want to do with the rest of your life?

Actually, I am so very OK with my life that I can't imagine ever doing anything else. The only exception is I would like to travel. Anywhere. Preferrably by train. Mostly within this country as there is so much of it I've never seen.

5) What makes you feel successful when you do it?

I feel I am a huge success when I can make someone laugh, or walk away from me with a brighter attitude. It is a truly wonderful feeling when I realize that someone who has been traditionally negative to me starts to be friendly and seems to look forward to having to deal with me. Also, being in a position to offer suggestions to people and have them listen to me about things they can do to help themselves, or to help them myself.

6) What are your obsessions, passions?

Chocolate. Knitting. Sunshine. Things being organized. Getting letters or messages from anybody, just for me, then getting to answer them and knowing that they are waiting for the answer and care to hear it. Roses in the Garden, Tomatoes on the vine, happy Pansy faces for sale in front of the store.

7) What one thing makes you jump for joy every time you do it or see it done by others?

I get really happy when I see people doing something for another person that is the very thing that was NEEDED and probably cost nothing or not very much but was given with a smile or a hug, true genuine humanity. I don't get to do that as often as I would like.

Whew, that was fun. OK, back to work.

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