Thursday, November 26, 2009


I am grateful for:

1. My dogs.

Maggie reminds me every day that a joyful dance is a must and a sunbath is an extreme pleasure that must be enjoyed at every opportunity.

Dori, my rescue dog, that still is very much afraid, shows me every day that having the most basic of all the necessities is all I'll ever need to be relaxed and comfy in my own skin.

2. My kid, my family and the good memories that go with them. My daughter gives me great satisfaction and many happy giggles, her cousins too, as well as my new nephews. They don't realize how young and full of life they make me feel and how much I feel I age when I don't see them for long periods of time. This was last July, we went to the beach, all of us, which is a very good memory and most likely never to be duplicated as they grow into adulthood and have families of their own, but at the time, I got a really good view of the people they are and those adults they are going to be. My mom and my brothers and sisters, because we have a history and are capable of remembering the good things.

3. The person I am, what I have been created to be.

I realize that I am the kind of person that will see something like this rose in my garden and I will enjoy it for the beauty that it is and will try to hang on to it and try to share it with whoever I can, without concern that they will not care as much as me or snub my joys. That my favorite things are don't cost money like sunshine and the rain that washes everything clean and keep everything green, the sunrise and the beauty of a setting sun. This also includes the fact that I live in a house, where this garden is, that is warm, yeah, occasionally things go wrong, but for the most part, we have a place to be at home in, and SURPRISE, it came with a job, that helps me stay busy and out of trouble, rather than roaming the streets and causing trouble!

4. My husband, Superman.

This picture was of him making me breakfast a couple of months ago. He does his best to take care of me, appreciates whatever I can do to take care of him. He rarely walks past me without giving me a kiss, or hug, caressing my cheek, or some other affectionate gesture. Mostly too, because we talk about stuff. We talk and talk, and talk, about everything. He has the capacity to listen, although sometimes when he's in pain, that's hard to do, but he does try. He also has the capacity to be compassionate, be moved to tears by the actions of others, appreciate heroes, be a hero himself. He laughs at my sorry jokes and enjoys it when I'm being a dork and he lets me use the remote once in a while.

There is much for me to be grateful for, I think, for us all.

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