Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sweet Dreams are Made of This, Who Am I to Disagree?

Well, we had a pretty good week. Very nearly had 0% deliquincies and yet we survived another month. Superman remodeled the customer's bathroom with left over paint from the office and linoleum tiles someone donated to us, just enough for this one little room, with a little to spare in case there needs some repairs in the future.

While he work at that I just admired.

Saturday, right at noon, my mom showed up with these cuttings from her garden. They are on the counter in the office, so that I can just admire them all day long.
We were going to go hit up some thrift stores in the afternoon. First we stopped and got at the coney-dog place. We love how big and bright this sign is. While we were waiting for our food we snapped this to torture his Pepsi drinking friend in another state. That was pretty much the sum total of the afternoon, we didn't find any bargains at the thrift stores and there were a lot of people, so we gave up after just two.

On Sunday morning after we did our grocery shopping, we took the girls to an unofficial park. I say unofficial because it's not maintained, I think it only used by local fly fisherman and teenagers for secret bonfires. We just walked the little bit of trails. You can see a little bright spring green there and the high water of the river.

While we were there, Dori hopped up on this log and just waited. I took this look to say, 'Here I am, posed so nice. Aren't you going to take my picture? I can only hold this so long.' So, I did. How could I resist?

I've had a little trama over at twitter, lately. Or would that be 'twama'. Whatever. Anyway, I have a list of nearly 400 posts on ravelry.com that I've been going through trying to follow other knitters. At about the 2/3 mark, some nice person hacked my account. I had to change my password about four times and then finally protect my tweets (I mistakenly thought the nice people at twitter were protecting my tweets, aparrently I was wrong), apologize to 100 new followers and still watch about 25 people go away. I had already spent a couple of weeks trying to get through that list, now I wonder if I should try again.

We are happy and sad the Olympics are over. My, so much drama! I loved and wondered who made all those great hats. Now, we are just waiting for the Major League Baseball Season to start. First Spring Training game of our favorite team is tomorrow but it isn't being broadcast. In fact, Spring Training looks mostly iffy for the broadcast. I guess that is a bad baseball pun: catch as catch can.

In the meantime, I hope March brings you spring and some joy.

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