Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 21st, What's on the needles?

I haven't had much going on lately but I have been feeling pretty wiped out. Today the boss came and I had been worried about her visit, which may have been affecting my sleep. She usually comes in January to tell us a.) if and what our raise for the year may be b.) any change to the base income (this is the figure which I, as a facility manager, try to reach each month and if I do, I will receive a bonus, last year, I didn't receive a bonus based on this base income) c.) if we will be raising our rates this year. So, I was all anxiety, and once she answered all of these, I was ready for a nap.

I have been worried for my daughter, who is stressing out over her car. She's made some repairs to it, but yesterday it failed to pass DEQ, so she's unable to get her tags. Pretty upset, as anybody would be, hard for a mommy to watch. Hopefully, this is an experience she will learn from.

I have also been worried about a distant relation. Her son died, very young, like 10-12 years old, I think it was two years ago. He died with a belt around his neck apparently playing 'The Choking Game.' I had been thinking about her and all parents that lose children too young and the agony they must all be going through (this is something my very own Superman lives with everyday, too, his son died 12 years ago in an auto accident) when I was watching my favorite Wednesday shows last night. Last night's episode on CBS 'Criminal Minds' was about the choking game. I cried for all that I know that's lost a child. Glad it was just me and the dog watching.

And I have been thinking about people in Haiti and orphans. How could anybody that watches the news not have tears to see what they are enduring there, and yet, everyday, aftershocks continue to terrify?

So, I've been trying to stay occupied and, thus, a contributing member of society, by knitting.

I am trying to finish a sweater for my step-daughter, my deadline is next month. It is of blue cotton, a ribbed lace pattern I hope will flatter and be comfortable. I work on it in the evening, for as long as three hours a sitting, while I watch TV. At my desk in the office, I have a pair of socks in progress, for my nephew in the Army. My deadline for that is also next month as he will be home for a visit before being deployed. I want him to have a helmet liner I've already finished, these socks, and some trigger gloves. If I had extra funds, I would like to put a harmonica or a book in there. But probably will only get to finish these socks. I have a couple other projects in progress that I should probably make deadlines for but I'm feeling stressed about what I have going already. One is a long, car coat length sweater with a hoodie, that is all one piece and has a celtic sort of braid that lines the opening up the front and the hood. I have some lace curtains that are about 8 inches short on one panel of being completed, then I will put them up in the office so that I can look at them all day long and even on ugly days have something delicate and beautiful to stare at. I also plan to put together a Barbie wardrobe for my husband's granddaughter, that should be sent off in April.

But on top of all this, I am working on a few knitted T-shirts for orphans in Haiti. One is nearly done, except for a bit around neck edge and hem. Superman went to the craftstore yesterday, almost immediately after I told him that the cotton that I would like to use is on sale. It appears he's bought me enough for two or three more shirts, with what I have already (not much, just a ball of white).

This is the first one, I had started it Saturday and worked on it when I went to meet the Yarn Train (see last post) and this was how far I got before I went to bed Sunday.

That's all for now, thank you for reading this. I hope somewhere there's a ray of sun just for you that brightens your January.

spell check is not working, I'm hoping my english was adequate. . . .

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