Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sweet Sundays

I must have woke up kinda weepy today, because I was in tears before I got out of the shower. I was thinking about my Grandma. Sometimes in that moment between awake and asleep, I can hear her singing. I had one of those this morning and I was thinking about what she is singing. Most often I hear the songs we sang when gathered with the congregation. Those songs have recently been changed, it saddened me all of a sudden that her favorites may have been dropped. I guess I will always have them, even if they are not being sung anymore.

We took the dogs to their park this morning. We haven't been there in a couple of weeks, because it's been too rainy. Dori was doing really good, walking sedately BESIDE me, slack in the leash, just taking it slow and easy, little curl in the tail and ears half elevated. Sometimes in her new sweater I sense that she feels like she finally belongs. I thought, 'Well, maybe she's happy' which got me teary again. We came around a corner and I look up to see the pine trees clothed in a bit of fog, the sun fighting to get through and a few rays actually cutting through. Another tear or two.

Superman was so tickled to tell me he'd been online shopping for my favorite cars and showing me what he could find. How sweet is that? You would think the silly man loves me. Or something.

I got an e-mail from my co-worker, her mother died. How sad, to lose your mother.

We came home, I took my vacuum upstairs and got all the floors and furnace filters, with the filters on the air purifier. He got the downstairs. Then we dashed out to the new theatre in town and saw 'Avatar'. So very glad Superman didn't make fun of me for crying so soon in the story. I was wiping my eyes the first moment the main character could stand, run and walk, when he lives as a cripple. I was fighting it earlier when he was 'saying good-bye' to his brother. Before the movie was over, I'd pretty much soaked the paper towel I had in my pocket.

We came home and I took a nap. When I got up, he was making us dinner. His family's recipe for chicken fried steak with artichokes. Now, I look over, as I sit in this chair at the computer, he's dozing in his chair, but it's not tilted back, so his head is flopped to the side. To me, he looks so sweet, but I should go move him a little, or he will wake up in pain. My sweet, Superman.

Oh, I'm crying again.

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