Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturdays we work a half day . . .

And then we go to the park.

Well, lately not so much, because the weather doesn't always cooperate. As noon rolled around today there was more blue than grey so it seemed optimum to get the girls out of the house. Superman says we need more pictures taken. Here you go.

We got them ready and loaded in the truck. When we were in the truck, I thought I would try to catch how excited they were. I post this picture to show you how hard it is to take a picture backwards over your head.
Hey, I'm cute and in my sweater, where we going anyway? Are we there yet?

Ah, Mom! Get that camera outta my face PLEASE! Dad, can't you go any faster?

I know this isn't a great shot, but when I was taking this, I was thinking, this is about as calm as Dori gets. Yet. A bit of slack in the leash, ears a little elevated, tail mid-rise with a curl, mouth slightly open as if to taste the honey gold in the sunshine.

This is Maggie in 'Go-Dog-Go' speed, ears up, nose a-sniffin', tail cocked as if to rudder her direction.

Maggie walks in front with Dori, compatibly, but only when Dad is with us. Here she checks to make sure he's still there.

Nice shot of the park today. See what I mean about sunshine? It's January! So very cool, huh? Hey, Dad! Wait up!

Mom and the girls.

At that point the camera batteries died. The Energizer Bunny doesn't keep up too well when it comes to cute terriers in their Momma's hand made sweaters.

OK, I'm embarrassed to post this because of the messy house. As I said, we charged out as soon as we could close the office. All the mess of knitting projects going! I just wanted you to see Superman with the girls, looking pretty comfy and calm, just home and had treats for being good girls in the park and truck and back. Really, you must notice how comfy Dori is with Daddy sitting so close and Maggie, in her usual hyper-mode when she's that close to her Daddy.

And as I post this, Daddy's stretched out in the living room, sound asleep with the US Open Snow events blaring on the TV. Yeah, it's a good day.

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