Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Uh, where am I? I forget.

This whole day was spent in a daze. I just seemed to bounce from one thing to another like I have ADHD. I got very little done.

The invoices in the office are done, good thing.

I had to auction off a unit, bad thing.

But it went for over $200, I have to begrudgingly declare that a good thing.

The people that won it are snooty, bargain hunters who drive luxury cars, I have to declare that a bad thing.

The front office linoleum got ripped up, Superman's good thing.

He's really gonna hurt tomorrow, bad thing.

I am day 9 in a row for walking rescue dog, good thing.

I need to sit and knit for awhile, because I haven't done any yet today, bad thing.

I made camping reservations for Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends, good thing.

It only took me all day, bad thing.

I found some Parmesan Cheese in the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, good thing.

We really needed it last night for pizza, bad thing.

I helped a friend with her knitting by blowing up a chart that was small and hard to read, good thing.

The invoices didn't get in the mail, bad thing.

I ran away with a friend to check out a couple of small knitting things, good thing.

I left without an agenda of what I need, then without it had nothing to do when I got there, bad thing.

I got to meet someone I see on Ravelry, good thing.

I wasn't wearing any of my projects, bad thing.

Tonight is a new episode of NCIS, with Robert Wagner as DiNozzo's dad, good thing.

No word yet if premier of 'Lost' will be preempted on February Second, bad thing.

Every thing I did was not something on my to do list, bad thing.

But I had fun doing it. GOOD THING!

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