Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I just took this picture of Dori. We are quite simply in AWE, because she got up on the sofa today.
If you haven't read the posts about our Rescue Dog, you wouldn't know that we have had her for 5 months and she lives in fear. She will not leave her kennel/bed unless we have connected the leash to her collar to take her for a walk. She has never just explored the house. She doesn't exist as a dog. For example, she doesn't sniff around like dogs do, not even to decide where to do her business. She just does her business, sometimes without stopping to squat.
My husband, Superman, says this proves she is MY dog. She is laying in the spot where I sit, so, I'm sure it probably smells like me. That is all my current knitting works in progress behind her in that corner.
When she first did it, I got so excited I'm sure it freaked her out. I didn't get excited with my voice, I watch Cesar 'Dog Whisperer' Millan, I know better. I tried to touch her to say it was OK, but she freaked out and took off. When she got back up there, I ignored it totally, but walked around the house and kept an eye on her. Dad gave her a treat. Later when she got comfortable and laid down, I took her kennel blanket and covered her hoping that tells her that is is good and OK.
I'm sure there's more to come, but, it felt like a little bit of a breakthrough.

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