Tuesday, December 22, 2009


All day long I've been look for a quote about love that says what I'm feeling. It's really hard to describe so I'm thinking that's why it's taken all day.

There is nothing like being cherished. There is nothing like looking at someone you love and see that sparkle in their eye the moment their eyes meet yours. Sweetness is every time he passes by, there is a touch, a look, words spoken, the pang of parting even for a moment that is so satisfying and appetizing, truly inspirational. To listen to him, to be listened to is very companionable. To have my cares being concerned about. He cooks for me, which others have done, but his concern is not to fill his own needs but to appeal to me. Even if I feel let down in myself for not having gotten something done to show him how much I love him, he is never let down by me. There is romance, there is attraction, but that is nothing but gilding on what is love really is.

My new sweetest memory of us, occured the other night. We found a restaurant, yep, fast food, that I'd never eaten at, although it's a large chain. This was after a great visit to the electronics store to fix my computer, which I thought I'd broken. While we were there, we found a music CD, 'The Bread' Anthology. So, we munched on our dinner in the truck so we could hear the new disc, he on his coney dog and me with my chicken bits. I don't think that life could be happier than listening to him sing those old songs to me, sitting in his big Dodge Truck.

It is a Happy Anniversary to us. This everyday love is beyond compare to any fine thing, and tastes finer than good chocolate.

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