Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's just business

I don't want to get all political on you but I have an opinion about something, I can't think of another way to vent this. My intention is not to offend. What's your intention, I guess that's the real question.

Here it is:

The reason that we are still at war or have ever gone to war is that it's good for business. A nation's economy will survive or fail based on it's involvement in the world's controversies.

The reason that a public official promises one thing and then seemingly does another is because it's good for business. No person of public office has kept his job pissing off big business.

The reason tabloids and talk shows can talk and talk about rumor is because it's good for business. Truth pays very little, whereas sensationalism sells toilet paper.

The reason our economy is failing is because big business told government it was taking it's product out of the country to be produced cheaper. So, now that we've gone to war, business is rolling in it because it's making third world civilians use third world materials to support our efforts at war, and while our citizen's moan the loss of jobs, financial resources, and property, our public officials can't do anything about it because they are supported by big business. And the only thing left for us to buy or buy into is garbage.

Just saying.

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