Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We had a pretty quiet weekend. First, let me tell you something funny.

SANTA stores here! No kidding, he has four large units at my facility. I took this when he stopped by, right before I closed Wednesday evening.

OK, this is Thursday before we got started, the view from the door when the tenant comes through the door.

This is the view for us from behind the counter. I know, I'm messy, but I get lots done!

Thursday afternoon, we moved everything out of the office and taped off everything. Friday morning, we painted the ceiling, which went pretty quick. It took the rest of the day, working non-stop for both of us to paint the walls. Saturday morning, I got up and this is where I found Superman, fine tuning.

This is now the view from behind the counter.

And the view from the door. We think it looks warmer, the pictures come across more pink than it actually is, although there is a little hint of rose. Of course, pretty much any color would have been an improvement.I think Superman is proud of it too!

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  1. Wow, that's so much better. White makes for headaches. It's definately more welcoming work invironment.